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Hey I'm Jordyn c: This basically is a blog of different anime and whatever I feel like posting ^_^


Studio Ghibli + Ponyo Gifsets [25/50]

"We’re home!"

fma week | day ten → ying/yang

Naruto Characters + The 12 Common Archetypes (insp.)



Nothing that happens is ever forgotten, even if you can’t remember it.


I  w i l l   k i l l   t h e m   a l l !
I’ll wipe every  o n e   o f   t h e m 

                        o f f   t h e   f a c e   o f   t h i s   e a r t h !

"I wonder, how many times have I given you the same warning now, Earl?

Killua + Electricity for assassinshota


はんたーらくがきログ by くにきち

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Chimera Ant Arc Survival Guide.

Step 1: Try not to cry

Step 2: failed step 1